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Roots in the ground are just barely beginning their work now.  Some are waking up from their slumber and beginning to use their stored starches as energy to send up new green tendrils.  Others still have time yet to rest and grow.  Though there are even now whispers of a Spring to come here in the Napa Valley, it is still Winter.  What can we do to nourish ourselves in the darkness?  Do you feel safe and secure enough in your own space and your own body to send your shoots out into the world?  Are your roots strong enough to support the work to be done this year?

Spell to strengthen our roots:

  • A variety of root vegetables, with at least one blood-red beet, bearded like a wise old ancestor
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Herbs or Spices that bring to mind happy and safe memories
  • Salt of the Earth
  • Pepper for warmth
  • A sharp knife

Gather your vegetables, herbs and spices.  Produce grown close to home works well.  It’s nice to have at least one ingredient grown in your own soil.  I gathered rosemary from my herb garden which always reminds me of my ancestors and teachers of the craft. Remembering a time when you felt secure, safe and nourished, send your own roots down into the ground beneath your feet.  Connect with the soil as the roots in front of you have.  Reach out and send gratitude, safety, security and nourishment into the ingredients of your spell.

Wash your roots with care, magically cleaning your own roots as you do so.  You may wish to carve runes, words or symbols into the root vegetables.  I used the rune othala, a rune that represents the ancestral home and hearth.  Perhaps you feel called to sing or chant words of strength and security over your roots.

Pre-heat your oven to 375. Chop your vegetables into 1-inch chunks. Toss the vegetables with a generous helping of olive oil, and your herbs, spices, salt and pepper. You can do this right on the sheet pan or casserole dish you’re going to use.  Use your hands.  Get dirty.

Roast vegetables for 45 minutes to an hour, or until fork tender.

Eat your vegetables with gratitude and ritual intent.  Allow yourself to be in the moment, not distracted, focusing on the pleasure of eating this spell. Fill yourself with the power of being rooted.  So Mote It Be.

Warding and shields are often thought of as ways to protect our homes or ourselves from unwanted energies.  They do, but they also work another bit of magic.  By putting protective magic around yourself, you are declaring “I am hallowed ground.”

You are holy.  Your home is holy.  All the love and magic you create is holy.  Now that we have cleansed our homes and ourselves earlier in the month, take the time to set up a shield around your house and declare your home and hearth and yourself hallowed ground.

Spell to shield your home:

Items needed:

  • 5 bottles or jars
  • A crystal for protection from each direction (I used an obsidian arrowhead for North, a tiger’s eye for east, a carnelian for south and a sharp coral for west)
  • A crystal with a point for the center.  I used citrine.  Citrine is a stone that is excellent at clearing negative energy and one of the few stones that never needs to be cleared.
  • Other items that feel protective or are connected with your allies.  (I used a hornet’s nest, spider webs, snake skin, snake bones, blackberry brambles and a few other witchy things)
  • Your DNA (spit, blood, hair, urine, fingernails….)

This spell should be done within a ritual circle.  Do what feels right to you to create a safe magical boundary around your ritual space.  Call to Earth/North, Air/East, Fire/South, Water/West and Center/Spirit. Call any deities that you would like to add their power to your work. Fill each of your bottles with the corresponding stones/magical bits for each of the 5 directions, putting items that feel protective/defensive to you in each jar.

Place the crystal for your center jar so that the point is pointing up.  I put a bit of clay mixed with soil from my property in the bottom of my center jar so that the crystal had a base to help it stay upright.

Putting a bit of your own DNA in each jar is a message to the magic about who to protect.  You may want to add the DNA of anyone else living in your home that you want the shield to protect.

Seal the magic into the bottles by dipping them in wax, drawing a magical symbol on each one, or tying a ribbon around them. Charge and create a magical cord of connection between each of your 5 bottles.  I did this by drawing a connecting line of energy with my wand from each of the anchoring crystals in the North, East, South and West bottles to the Center crystal, and then around a circle from the North bottle to the East, South, West and back to North.

Find a center-ish spot in your home where the Center/Spirit bottle can live undisturbed.  On the floor or under the floorboards is best. Bury each of the 4 other jars in the ground around your home in each of their appropriate directions.  If you live in an apartment or other place where burying jars in the ground isn’t an option, place them in the corners of your home.

Once the jars are placed,  pull energy up from the Earth, through the crystal in your Center jar, up to the height you want for your shield.  Then let that energy flow out and down, connecting and activating each of the four other jars, flowing down through them back into the Earth, creating a continuous flow of energy that fountains up through the center and surrounds your home.

Set your magical intentions for this shield. Thank the Elements, Allies and Deities that helped you with your work.  Close your circle for this working, leaving your shield up to run continuously.

Should you ever move or otherwise desire to take down your shield, remember to dig up and deactivate your bottles.